Steam-as-a-Service: How Outsourcing Steam Generation Benefits Facilities

Let industry experts take care of your steam while you take care of your business.
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Webinar On-Demand
Sponsored by Miura
Presented by Arne Irwin

Learning Objectives:

  1. Examine key challenges that industries face when managing steam generation in-house and how Steam-as-a-Service can help.
  2. Discuss how three partner companies — Miura, Armstrong International, and HSB — work together to provide steam generation with an output and efficiency guarantee.
  3. Explore how outsourcing steam can move steam generation costs from a Cap-X to an Op-X on your balance sheet.
  4. Explain how the IoT of boilers enables predictive maintenance and optimization over the lifetime of the boiler system.


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Facilities that are generating steam in the U.S. face major challenges, including a dedication to improving capital, a lack of qualified steam workforce, and aging infrastructure. Steam-as-a-Service, a collaborative service developed by Miura America, Armstrong International, and Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB), address these challenges, and this presentation explains how they can provide facilities’ steam generation services. In this webinar, discover how moving steam generation from an in-house to outsourcing model provides expert design, build, management, maintenance, and continuous improvement for a predictable monthly cost. By putting outsourcing your critical steam needs, your plant personnel has more time to focus on your business needs and planning.

Miura America

Photo courtesy of Miura America

Arne_Irwin Arne Irwin has collected over 20 years of sales and leadership experience in supplying diesel engines and CHP Energy Services to various industries. Arne utilizes his experience to bridge the gap in fully understanding the cost and materials that is required to manage steam generation for process and heating for industrial facilities and how Steam-as-a-Service can offset those risk and task to allow businesses to focus on their core business.


Miura A proven leader in innovative technology, Miura’s Made in the USA, LX and EX Series boilers are the peak of efficient, reliable and Safer by Design steam boilers that feature a range of impressive benefits that set them apart from traditional firetube boilers. For 60 years Miura has been committed to developing, manufacturing and servicing the most outstanding steam boiler systems in the world.