5 Essential Steps for Successful Brazing

Webinar On-Demand
Provided by Industrial Heating
Presented by Dan Kay

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the five critical steps for proper brazing.
  2. Describe how to execute the five critical steps for proper brazing.
  3. Discuss the risks of disregarding the five critical steps for proper brazing.
  4. Explore the successful implementation of the five critical steps for proper brazing in any brazing operation, including furnace brazing, brazing via torch or induction equipment, and dip brazing.


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Brazing is an essential, growing method for permanently joining different materials to create complex assemblies. If these brazed assemblies are to survive in a wide variety of end-use service conditions, they must be brazed properly. For proper brazing, a number of key steps must be thoroughly understood and taken into account by designers and production personnel. Disregarding these steps will put brazed components at risk, resulting in premature failure, product liability and lost vendor reputation. Tempering must be performed on surface-hardened steels, but generally the temperatures used are rather low, causing little loss of hardness.

As a respected expert in brazing, Dan Kay has become known worldwide as an excellent seminar leader, trainer and speaker, as demonstrated by the fact that he was presented with the Materials Engineering Institute Instructor of Merit Award by ASM International for excellence in technical expertise, presentation skills, and quality support materials.