Vacuum Heat Treat Academy
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  7.5 PDH credits

The vacuum heat treatment process has come a long way, from an idea seeded in Ancient Greece through the development of vacuum equipment during the Atomic Age. But it has been just in the last few years that the vacuum heat treatment industry has witnessed some of its most impactful innovations. In Innovations in Vacuum Heat Treatment, we will look at how the vacuum process –in which oxygen is removed from the furnace to make a vacuum – is one of the most effective ways to make metal resistant to corrosion and give it more tensile and shear strength. We will explore advancements in quenching approaches and in low-pressure carburizing processes, as well as provide the latest best practices when it comes to furnace controls, leak testing and general maintenance.

Earn: 7.5 PDH

Academy Courses
Furnace Controls
How updated furnace controls make a difference in vacuum systems
Vacuum Furnace Maintenance
Optimizing furnaces and predictive diagnostics
Vacuum Evolution
The advantages of vacuum heat treatment systems
Vacuum Leak Detection
Detection techniques for homing in on leaks
Vacuum Quenching
Types of vacuum quenching and how they compare