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The vacuum heat treatment process has come a long way, from an idea seeded in Ancient Greece through the development of vacuum equipment during the Atomic Age. But it has been just in the last few years that the vacuum heat treatment industry has witnessed some of its most impactful innovations. In Innovations in Vacuum Heat Treatment, we will look at how the vacuum process –in which oxygen is removed from the furnace to make a vacuum – is one of the most effective ways to make metal resistant to corrosion and give it more tensile and shear strength. We will explore advancements in quenching approaches and in low-pressure carburizing processes, as well as provide the latest best practices when it comes to furnace controls, leak testing and general maintenance.

Earn: 7.5 PDH

Academies FAQs

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  • What is an academy?

    An academy is a collection of editorial-rich courses around a specific area of interest such as: heat treating, water cooling technologies, quality control, combustion & burners, etc. Academy courses include a variety of course formats including, articles, webinars, multimedia and research reports.

  • What is a digital badge?

    A digital badge is a graphical representation of an accomplishment, skill or interest that can be earned and shared online. Each digital badge contains verified metadata that outlines your achievement and the criteria required to earn the digital badge. This allows colleagues, peers and employers to view and verify accomplishment and skills.

  • How do I earn a digital badge?

    Digital badges are earned by successfully completing all the courses within a specific academy. Once you have successfully completed and passed all the quizzes within an academy, you will then be able to view and download your digital badge from within the “My Academy Progress” page.

  • What are the benefits of a digital badge?

    Digital badges are a great way to showcase your achievement or mastery within a particular field or interest. They can be shared on various social media platforms, email signatures, websites and resumes.

  • How do I share my digital badge?

    You can share your digital badge on social media platforms or embed your badge in a website or resume through the “My Academy Progress” page on the CE Center. Additionally, you can export your badge to other badge-storing platforms, such as Mozilla backpack.

  • Are academies free of charge?

    Yes. Like all the courses on the CE Center, our Academies of Digital Learning are 100% free of charge and accessible 24/7.